CCW 2014: Athonet unveils PriMo Light

Athonet showcased the latest developments in its PriMo product portfolio

CCW 2014: Athonet unveils PriMo Light

PriMo technology comprises a compact software-based mobile core network aimed at providing broadband services for private networks and mission critical applications. It is capable of supporting UMTS, HSPA, EVDO, LTE and Wi-Fi and is interoperable with any IP-based application.

The original PriMo Cube transportable product has now been joined by the PriMo Light – a suitcase sized version for tactical deployments that can also be carried in a backpack.

It has the same features as the PriMo standard solution for voice, data and video communications. It can be used as a stand-alone unit or connected via any backhaul solution, including satellite. UMTS or LTE small cells can be fully integrated.

Stefano Cocco, head of sales at Athonet, said: ‘This is a new hand-portable version of our PriMo solution. It comes with battery and femtocell and provides coverage from 100m to about 1km and can support between 20 to 30 users depending on the femtocell used.

‘The idea is that if there is a public safety incident you can power it up and create a 4G LTE coverage bubble, so you could do video calling, deploy cameras or sensors and handle any local data traffic to support your TETRA voice radios, for example.’

Athonet has also launched an MVNO service called PriMVNO. This provides a highly efficient and scalable network element that implements a cost-effective UMTS/LTE full MVNO infrastructure for operators and organisations. It enables business cases starting from few thousands of users and scaling up to support millions.

This is made possible by the simplified architecture of the PriMVNO Gateway, which runs multiple 3GPP compliant core network functions on the same off-the-shelf hardware.

In April this year, Athonet’s transportable LTE solution was used in South Africa to support the ‘Save the Rhino’ campaign working in cooperation with other companies and specialists using drones, cameras, circuits of public security and video surveillance for a new monitoring project to track wild animals.

The solution provided a dedicated cellular 4G LTE network able to receive live video from drones and cameras over significant distances.

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