NEXEDGE remains the driver of Kenwood’s PMR digital range

Wireless Magazine talks with Mike Atkins, managing director of Kenwood European HQ, Communications Division for an exclusive overview of Kenwood’s product marketing strategy ahead of PMR Expo 2013

NEXEDGE remains the driver  of Kenwood’s PMR digital range

You launched your first dPMR products in July. What effect has this had on your NEXEDGE range, operating on the NXDN digital platform?

Mike Atkins: The introduction of dPMR represents another milestone in our overall strategy to be involved in every sustainable PMR technology and protocol and contrary to the word being spread by some of our competitors, NEXEDGE® and the open NXDN standard remains the driver of our professional digital range.

What are your plans for the NEXEDGE range?

MA: We already have more than 700,000 devices in service around the world and have experienced significant breakthroughs this year in sales into new markets and sectors. 

NEXEDGE® is the platform for our dPMR and ATEX products and we continue to make heavy investments in NEXEDGE systems, terminals and applications. 

With thousands of customers across hundreds of applications employing NEXEDGE® around the world – NEXEDGE® is growing and very much here to stay.

What are we going to see at PMR Expo – any new launches?

MA: I hinted at last year’s show that we could be expanding on our ETSI compliant digital portfolio in 2013 and I’m sure it will not come as a great surprise for you to learn that we will be launching our TK-D200 (VHF) and TK-D300 (UHF) hand-portable radios, the first products in our new DMR range. 

We will start shipments of the new DMR radios in January and they will be joined by DMR Tier 2 compatible repeaters in the first quarter of 2014. 

In addition, I can report that we will also be offering our NEXEDGE® based ATEX certified digital radios very shortly.

Kenwood has today, one of the most comprehensive portfolios of products and solutions spanning analogue and digital technologies and we’re not finished yet, with more new and significant solutions in digital to follow in 2014.

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