Tait to reveal pathway to DMR Tier II and BioLink system

Tait to demo BioLink real-time health monitoring system, quad mode radio terminal and DMR Tier II products at PMR Expo

Tait to reveal pathway to  DMR Tier II and BioLink system

At PMR Expo, Tait Communications will be demonstrating its BioLink physiological monitoring solution which allows police, SWAT, fire, utilities and mining organisations concerned about staff safety to be alerted to changes in their staff wellbeing.

It employs existing P25 networks to give incident commanders and control room staff real-time visibility of the well-being of their responders when they are involved in incidents or training exercises.

By enabling detailed real-time monitoring of exceptions in heart and breathing rates, stress levels, low activity, heat stroke or falls, BioLink can help augment health and safety procedures, accountability, tactical decision-making and situational awareness. 

BioLink seamlessly operates with existing voice P25 capability to bring back physiological data that will dramatically improve command decision-making during incident management.

The Tait BioLink platform will carry biometric and life support system data from a wide range of sensors including fire resistant body sensor t-shirts.

In addition, BioLink provides commanders with a highly intuitive PC interface that gives instant access to staff physiological data as well as enabling a wide range of trigger alerts to be set.

Quad mode terminal for digital migration

Tait will also demonstrate its pathway to digital radio at PMR Expo in Cologne with the introduction of its quad mode terminal: the TP9300.

“The Tait 9300 gives our clients a clear and easy pathway to a digital solution because it can operate in analogue conventional, MPT1327, DMR Tier 2 and DMR Tier 3 modes,” explains Jamie Bishop, regional marketing manager for Tait Communications. 

“What this means for our clients is that if they are running an analogue system today, they can use our terminals and get many of the benefits that typically only come with a full digital solution. Then, when they choose to migrate to digital, a simple software update is all that’s required to fully enable the terminals. No-one else in the market can offer this kind of choice and flexibility.”

DMR Tier II capability

As well as giving analogue users a clear migration path to digital, the Tait solution claims to enable DMR tier II users to move easily to an open standards-based DMR Tier III trunked digital radio solution, when combined with the Tait TN9300 DMR network architecture.

Tait is demonstrating its DMR Tier II capability using its quad mode TP9300 terminals at the PMR Expo; the terminals feature superior Tait industrial design, IP67 military standards, built-in Bluetooth, man-down capability and GPS.

“Whether it’s because of timing, budgets, regulatory conditions or spectrum allocation, many organisations have been unable to opt for a digital solution,” adds Bishop. “Our demonstrations at PMR Expo will show that these things are no longer a barrier – there’s a digital-ready solution available today from Tait that protects your long-term investment while retaining flexibility and choice. 

“We understand our clients need tailored solutions, which is why we’re committed to open standards; this approach means we can create communications solutions that integrate best to deliver the critical outcomes that matter to them.”

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