Sepura brings infrastructure, apps and devices together

Following the recent acquisition of applications developer Portalify, Sepura is grouping its offerings under families of products. George Malim reports

Sepura brings infrastructure, apps and devices together

Sepura is promising PMR Expo will see it make a significant announcement that further cements the acquisitions the company has made in recent years. 

Following on from last year’s acquisition of 3T Communications and the acquisition of Portalify, a Finnish applications developer, the company has developed a family of solutions which it is bringing to market under the SICS – Sepura Integrated Communications Solution – identity.

Combined portfolio

Jonathan Hamill, regional director for the UK and Ireland and for covert specialist solutions sales at Sepura, says the Expo will provide a platform for the company to demonstrate its capability in three orbits – terminals, infrastructure and applications. 

“Attendees will see our portfolio for the first time. The acquisition of Portalify allows us to fulfil our desire to offer more of a one-stop shop. We’re a company that is offering a complete solution.”

Hamill adds that the company is working to integrate Portalify’s applications into its existing applications offering and promises demonstrations that will take Portalify applications and Sepura data products and bring them together. 

Portalify is a provider of end-to-end solutions for mobile working via a suite of software applications which aim to increase the safety, productivity and efficiency of professional mobile radio users, regardless of the communications standard in use by the customer. Its portfolio includes task management, asset location, image messaging and database query applications. 

Customisable apps

Portalify’s technology is proven, robust and possesses market leading USPs. Its products, which are primarily deployed within the public safety sector in Western Europe, are highly customisable.

An example of a Portalify application is Portalify Locate, an integrated automatic resource location solution that can generate cost savings and efficiencies in field force management. Portalify Locate is a complete location visualisation and tracking solution, based upon the Portalify Locate-Server solution. 

Adding web-based location visualisation clients, it provides a flexible multi-user solution that can be integrated easily with command and control solutions and will work with one or more networks of the same or differing technologies to capture and control location information. Resources can be tracked using the app, whether they are operating on TETRA, DMR, GSM, 3G or LTE.

Hamill believes this capability along with the productised, family approach that Sepura is taking with the development of the SICS concept matches the needs of customers and addresses the pressures they face. 

“The goal is to group products under a family approach to make it easy for customers to understand Sepura’s offerings,” he says. 

“The big reward is the integration of the Portalify back office with the radio capability to provide better value and make it easier for customers to understand our capabilities.”

Hamill adds that the approach is also about enabling channel partners to derive greater value with diminished risk because of the integrated nature of the offering.

“For the end user the benefit is around efficiency,” he adds. “A lot of what we’re trying to do focuses on driving value and increasing customer satisfaction. It doesn’t really matter what sector you look at, they all want more efficiency and better value, so it’s right for us to offer more and deliver the things that make a greater difference.”

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