Counter Terror Expo 2013 Preview

Smart holistic security is the key topic being covered at Counter Terror Expo 2013, which takes place at Olympia in London on 24-25 April

Counter Terror Expo 2013 Preview

Transnational terrorism remains the most dominant national security threat. The need for good security to safeguard our nations, critical infrastructure, companies and individuals against terrorist threats is not reducing, but is instead emerging, adapting and evolving. 

Counter Terror Expo 2013 will bring together diverse disciplines in a way that allows our nations, critical infrastructure, companies and individuals to develop an appropriate and proportionate security plan. New technology, innovations, strategies and solutions on display will show the best and most innovative technologies on the market, to a global audience spanning 68 countries representing the core interests of those most affected.




Reducing vulnerabilities 

On a micro level CTX 2013 brings to the foreground the widest range of security and counter terrorist products aimed at reducing the threat to individuals in vulnerable areas. Examples of safe rooms, panic rooms as well as live demonstrations of armoured vehicles vital for personal protection will be on display within the Armoured and Support Vehicle Zone. 


Holistic security 

From a macro level we look at how Transport Security must also take a holistic view.  Many of the threats remain the same and therefore many of the solutions and best practices can be applied to our maritime routes, ports, airports and public transport systems, just as they can to other areas of our critical national infrastructure.  

From perimeter security to access control, to emergency preparedness, to screening scanning and detection, Transport Security is a vital part of our holistic approach to counter terrorism at CTX 2013.


Private property – do not enter

It is easy to think that a business is not a vulnerable area due to its lack of proximity to a high threat area and that security is a secondary issue. Unfortunately that is rarely the case. 

Often large sites are unaware of their attractiveness to criminals, whether it is because of the value of the nature of the goods stored there or the potential disruption caused to supply chains by damage or threat. It is far too late to build good perimeter security when a group of protesters turn up and are incensed by your links to the energy industry, for instance.

Therefore CTX also brings together, in one holistic forum, the latest perimeter security, access control and facility security techniques and technologies designed to react to the growing need to protect assets and sites. 

World renowned companies such as Frontier Pits and Cova Security Gates will showcase the very best in hostile vehicle mitigation. Meanwhile, Avon Barriers, Betafence and Barkers Engineering will showcase tried and tested products that are successfully operating in highly sensitive and demanding environments. 


Protecting and shaping future policy

Over and above the huge range of solutions, technologies, products and service that are represented by our 400 strong exhibitor base, the 2013 event will also offer: 

• A new Cyber Security Solutions Zone and expanded Conference

• A new Maritime Security & Anti-Piracy Zone

• A new Oil & Gas Security Zone

• A new Integrated Security Solutions Zone and Workshop.


Conference programme

All the above will run alongside CTX’s hugely successful conference covering Global Counter Terrorism, Critical National Infrastructure, Protecting Crowded Places and the Cost of Terrorism to Business. 

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