Bristol City Council puts an end to panic with worker protection

Bristol City Council employees are benefitting from a lone worker security solution provided by Vodafone’s Code5 and SitexOrbis. By Kate O’Flaherty

Bristol City Council puts an end to panic with worker protection

Bristol City Council is one of the first councils to assist Vodafone and SitexOrbis in an extensive trial of a Sonim ruggedised product that has been praised by parking enforcement organisations across the UK.

In April this year, a female civil enforcement officer (CEO) who had worked for Bristol City Council’s parking enforcement team for two years faced one of her toughest challenges ever while carrying out her daily work.

She had noticed a vehicle parked illegally in a disabled bay near Bristol City centre. When the CEO went to issue a parking notice, she was aggressively confronted by the vehicle owner, who got into his car and attempted to drive away, nearly injuring her in the process.

Although the officer was taken aback by his actions, she remained calm and attempted to continue with her job and issue the notice. She then faced a 20-minute tirade of abuse, offensive language and threatening gestures that resulted in a call to the police and the arrest of the man.

The abusive man clearly underestimated the level of professional training the CEO had received from the Bristol parking enforcement team – and the comprehensive back up from the Code5 service supplied by Vodafone and lone worker specialists SitexOrbis.

After making the decision to follow through with the notice despite the obvious threat to her own safety, the CEO pressed the dedicated panic button on her ruggedised Sonim mobile phone.

Within seconds, the audio of the confrontation was recorded and she was discreetly connected via the Vodafone network to a SitexOrbis response team operator. The operator remained on the line and began to initiate the pre-agreed emergency response procedure set by Bristol City Council.

Arresting procedures

Within minutes, the police were called and they soon took control of the situation, finally arresting the man after discovering several knives in his possession.

The quality of the audio captured between the Sonim device and the digital recorders hosted at the Alarm Receiving Centre of SitexOrbis was commended by the CEO and the police. Because of this, the police said they were confident of upgrading the severity of the offence and securing a conviction.

The highly trained SitexOrbis operator recorded accurate notes of the incident. As a result, additional details were added to the report that will form part of the evidence.

In this instance, the excellent training of the CEO combined with the robust Sonim equipment and Code5 service ensured not just a rapid emergency response, but also the strong likelihood that the abusive and dangerous man will be convicted and receive a custodial sentence.

SitexOrbis delivers industry-leading lone worker protection across a range of devices, from standard mobile phones to specialist products.

Code5 has been used by Bristol City Council and several other authorities for a number of years and is a proven solution for lone workers who face increased risk during their normal working day.

The Sonim XP3340 SENTINEL

The Sonim XP3340 SENTINEL is an ultra rugged lone worker protection solution designed to be used with a specialist monitoring service. It is fully water submersible (IP68-rated) and certified for two metre drops onto concrete and MIL-810G.

The device comes with remotely configurable dedicated red, amber and green buttons to raise the alarm, send GPS information, automatically place emergency calls and manage other risk states. It also features an advanced man-down accelerometer sensor. 

The battery life offers up to 29 hours of GPS tracking time, easily supporting 16 hour shifts with both GPS tracking and Bluetooth switched on. It also provides over four hours of talktime. 

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