Counter Terror Expo preview

Now in its fourth year, Counter Terror Expo remains the only event of its kind to gather the world’s leading experts together with top industrialists from across the globe

Counter Terror Expo preview

Counter Terror Expo gathers over 100 internationally recognised speakers in the field of counter terrorism together with over 400 leading industry technologists to debate the issues faced, define the operational strategies, and help to shape future counter terrorism policy. This event remains the only one of its kind in the world today that evolves in line with global geopolitics.

IEDD Live Theatre

With specific relevance to police, fire, military, transport security and other emergency responders, this event showcases the following:
• ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) capability through scenario-based demonstrations
• Demonstrations of ancillary equipment such as hook and line, jamming and ground scanning
• Highlights current generation suit mobility and maneuverability in extreme situations, including victim recovery

The range of tools available to the specialists who carry out this role is impressive and includes remote operated vehicles, highly sophisticated jamming technologies to prevent remote control explosive devices being detonated, specialist body armour to protect against shrapnel and flying debris, hook and line kits and non-magnetic tools.

Companies involved in the demonstration area include Cobham, Allen Vanguard, iRobot, Northrop Grumman and ATOM Training. The feature showcase will be chaired by Major Chris Hunter, a retired British Army counter-terrorist bomb disposal operator.

Access Control Focus

Access to potentially high risk buildings and facilities remains a key consideration in counter terrorism planning. This event highlights the following:
• The substantial range of solutions available in the marketplace today
• Circumstance dependent deployment methodologies
• Hands-on ability to assess current solutions

This world-beating counter terrorism event is supported by an extensive exhibition of hardware and software solutions from across the globe which spans both the Grand and West Halls at the Olympia Conference & Exhibition Centre.

Vehicle Zone

Armoured vehicles offer crucial protection to the services of homeland security, counter terrorism, police security, force protection and SWAT teams, as well as protecting key personnel in more volatile areas of the world.

In situations ranging from crowd control to civil disturbances or a terrorist attack, within the counter terrorism arena a wide range of vehicles designed specifically for the task at hand are deployed.

Latest generation armoured vehicles give enhanced protection to the personnel aboard in lightweight and highly manoeuvrable form through the use of advanced carbon fibre and ceramic materials.

Modern day support vehicles provide critical on-scene functions including command post, surveillance, communication and emergency medical response services. This area will:
• Bring the suppliers of armoured and support vehicles together in one area of the show
• Showcase retro-fit, up-armouring and upgrade solutions

Exhibitors taking part include Land Rover Jaguar, STOOF, Project Support Vehicles and PGAM Advanced Technologies.


Counter Terror Expo is an annual gathering now in its fourth year and will be held against the backdrop of the UK hosting the Olympic Games. In deciding to host this globally significant sporting event, the country has become a potentially major target for those who would wish to cause harm on the world stage.

Olympic Games security planning has been ongoing since the International Olympic Committee (IOC) awarded the Summer Games to the UK. Arrangements are widely regarded as the most robust defensive security model delivered in the history in the Games.

Counter Terror Expo delegates will gain valuable insight into this planning in the immediate run up to the Summer Olympic Games.

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