IWCE product roundup

The International Wireless Communications Expo in Las Vegas in February saw plenty of new tech

IWCE product roundup

Aeroflex releases Kenwood automated test and alignment programme

Aeroflex announced the release of the automated test and alignment capabilities for Kenwood radios on the Aeroflex 3920 digital radio test set for the 5x10 series of mobiles and portables at IWCE 2012. Automated test and alignment for Kenwood NEXEDGE radios will follow soon.

The Aeroflex automated test and alignment procedure provides fully automated test and alignment of Kenwood radios without the need for user interaction. This test system ensures consistent and reliable tests and alignment to manufacturer recommended specifications and to industry standards, ensuring proper interoperability and a uniform standard of performance within the radio’s network.

‘With the wide deployment of the 5x10 series of Kenwood two-way radios, particularly in the public safety community, we expect that the additional capabilities on the Aeroflex 3920 digital radio test set will be rapidly accepted,’ said Shelley Sanders, marketing manager at Kenwood USA. ‘We’re pleased that our continuing alliance with Aeroflex has again produced a new release that provides outstanding value to the market.’

‘Aeroflex is pleased to release this unique test technology for Kenwood radios,’ said Rob Barden, director of product marketing at Aeroflex. ‘The 3920 provides an advanced method for repeatable and highly accurate test and alignment for Kenwood radios that requires minimal technical interface. Since the 3920 provides fully automated tests and alignment processes, Kenwood dealers and end users can now utilise their technical resources to provide higher value services.’

Delivery for the Kenwood 5x10 Auto-Test II option is expected in March 2012. Existing 3920 users can order part number 390XOPT608. 

Savox Communications showcases new professional radio accessories

Savox Communications has extended its range of covert professional radio accessory solutions.

‘Clarity’ interference free covert wireless solution
The ‘Clarity’ interference free wireless solution is a new covert neckloop/microphone system, which comprises a radio specific connector, wireless receiver module (with built-in PTT) and a wireless key fob PTT which are used with the RCR-7 sub miniature wireless earpiece. Clarity also removes any unwanted interference from electromagnetic sources.

Covert Base Unit
The new Covert Base Unit (CBU) consists of a radio specific connector, a wireless receiver module (with built-in PTT), a wireless key fob PTT and a Lemo plug for the attachment of TRX inductors. The solution offers a choice of inductive neck loop, flat-pack or flexible inductors, each available with a built in microphone and Lemo connector to attach to the CBU.

Savox 2-wire kit
The new Savox 2-wire kit (pictured) provides the user with an acoustic tube earpiece and small microphone/PTT unit with clothing clip. The kit can be upgraded to full covert use by the addition of an RX inductive accessory with an RCR wireless earpiece.

Professional Bluetooth noise reducing headset
Savox also previewed the latest version of its Professional Bluetooth noise reducing headset, designed to provide hearing protection with the convenience of handsfree operation when used with a range of professional Bluetooth radios. The ergonomic design means it is secure and comfortable to wear for long periods and can be used with glasses and gloves.

Zetron announces innovations to two MAX products

Zetron is shipping two new products – a new version of its MAX Dispatch system that includes a direct IP connection to Kenwood’s NEXEDGE digital trunking system, and its Next-Generation 911 i3 Call-Taking system.

Zetron and Kenwood have partnered to provide a complete NEXEDGE solution that includes both the radio network and the dispatch console system.

Kenwood senior VP and general manager Mark Jasin said: ‘Zetron’s direct IP connection to NEXEDGE enhances Kenwood’s ability to provide customers with a complete digital solution. Combining Zetron’s MAX Dispatch system with Kenwood’s NEXEDGE trunking, very narrow-band digital technology offers the most advanced network solution available in the world.’

Zetron’s Next-Generation 911 i3-ready MAX Call-Taking system features an intelligent user interface, advanced call handling capabilities and close to 99.999% availability, according to the company. In addition, the server core’s ‘green’ design consumes only 5% of the power of conventional servers, thereby reducing energy costs and increasing reliability.

Combining Zetron’s MAX Call-Taking with the MAX Dispatch system provides one of the most comprehensive and advanced communications solutions available, the company claims.

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