Show previews: Control Room Communications 2010 and PMRExpo

Wireless previews the forthcoming Control Room Communications 2010 and PRMExpo events in Cologne and Amsterdam showcasing the latest wireless solutions

Show previews: Control Room Communications 2010 and PMRExpo

Control Room Communications 2010 preview

This year control room professionals from around the world will come together for the inaugural Control Room Communications, which takes place between Wednesday 8 and Friday 10 December at the Mövenpick Hotel, Amsterdam. Here, Wireless brings you a preview of the event

Over two days in December, Control Room Communications will bring together the great and the good of this buzzing industry to focus on both the operational and technical aspects of effectively responding to and managing incidents and planning large-scale events.

Supported by the TETRA Association, the event provides visitors with a real opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the industry while allowing them to improve effective dispatch, management and control of resources, as well as best practice for procurement, interoperability and inter-agency co-operation.

Highlights include pre-conference workshops giving attendees the chance to examine the complexities of deploying command and control systems through case studies and open discussion, as well as role playing response and management of a man-made incident led by Chief Superindendent Peter Goulding of the London Metropolitan Police Service. The latter will focus on the relationship between responding agencies during a major incident to see how interoperability can be achieved.

In addition to this the conference itself will feature 16 end user case studies from organisations around the world on their real life experiences in the field.

This year key themes centre around control room strategy, defining the requirements for a control room system and adapting new technology to agency needs. There will also be a big focus on IP-based next generation networks, data fusion and optimising data sharing to manage data flows.

The event also offers plenty of examples of how collaboration, communication and co-operation between agencies can be developed and improved both at national and international level using the latest in control room solutions and applications.

Presentations of note include MOI Republic of Serbia and VTS Police Netherlands on achieving full interoperability among public safety services in Europe. Here, Mladen Vratonjic, deputy head of sector for analytics and ICT, MOI Republic of Serbia and Hans Borgonjen, senior coordinator international standardisation, VTS Police Netherlands and vice chairman, TETRA Association, will be sharing their respective thoughts on the subject.

Attendees will also hear from Jolly Wong, head of communications branch, Hong Kong Police, on how the service has developed integrated communications control systems for a tiered command structure, while Tim Marjason, chief inspector, London Metropolitan Police Service, will be offering an insight into the command and control challenges faced by police from a continuity of operations, resilience and strategic perspective.

There will be a close look at how the deployment of the Mirror Eyes System in control rooms has further optimised incident response and management from Luis Gestoso, general director of emergency, Comunidad Autónoma de la Región de Murcia (CARM).

Emergency services, utilities and transportation agencies will also be demonstrating how they’ve optimised control room communications, incident response and emergency management. Uppsala University Hospital, for one, will be talking about their experiences in developing a co-ordinated approach between the control room and field units in a crisis.

Indeed, there will also be opportunities to hear the ideas behind creating control room design models and the challenges behind these from the likes of the Schiphol Group.

With a comprehensive list of end user case studies, organisers IIR say that every attendee will leave the event with a deeper understanding of how to achieve effective dispatch, management and control of resources in response to an incident or specific situation.

To ensure that end users take advantage of this unique networking and learning opportunity, IIR is also offering discounts of up to 70% to critical communication users.


The tenth PMRExpo takes place from 23–25 November in Cologne, Germany. Wireless brings you a preview of the event

Last year’s move to Cologne brought an enormous increase in the number of visitors attending the PMRExpo show with more than 2,600 attendees having passed through the doors.

Organisers say that the event, which is the annual branch meeting for those involved in professional mobile radio and command and control centres, is a natural reflection of a multi-billion euro market.

In fact, the last event set new records in all areas with more than 169 exhibitors from 14 countries at the exhibition, over 400 participants in the colloquium, and a further 500 in a congress on command and control centres.

This year’s event takes place in hall 10.2 of Koelnmesse, Cologne, and organisers are predicting an increase on the numbers seen in the last few years as they look to expand into other areas.

Over time it has become a leading international meeting point for national and international visitors and exhibitors, offering an ideal platform to share experiences between suppliers and end users.

With attendees coming from a wide range of administrations and organisations – and typically entrusted with security tasks – the show is aimed at those within the fire and rescue services, utilities, energy, public transport and logistics among other things.

Attendees will have the opportunity to see new technical developments and innovation while also getting to play with the latest products on show. At the same time there will be various opportunities to hear about successful deployments and projects going on around the world. 

New for this year is the Application Forum, which provides companies with a chance to present solutions and applications by giving a 15 minute lecture in German or English and showing these at a stand.

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