TETRA Moving Forward series

TETRA Moving Forward events have been put together to take the technology on the road and to let those within local markets showcase what they have been doing with the technology

TETRA Moving Forward series

If you weren’t one of the 2,300 delegates that made it over to the TETRA World Congress in Singapore this year and were worried you had missed your chance to catch up with what’s been happening in this vibrant market, you needn’t have worried.

For those that were unable to attend, the TETRA Association has devised an annual programme of events held around the world led by the Association itself or in partnership with other relevant organisations, as well as workshops that address particular topics or issues.

This year, the theme of the Association events is TETRA Moving Forward. These one-day events consist of a conference targeted at a particular country or region and an exhibition, which features most of the leading TETRA manufacturers and suppliers. As well as seeing the latest equipment and being able to ask questions of TETRA experts on a one-to-one basis, there are many networking opportunities throughout the day.

As Phil Kidner, CEO of the TETRA Association, explains: ‘We pack a lot into that one day with lots of the leading TETRA people talking with case studies from each individual region and most of the leading manufacturers coming along and exhibiting their latest products too. So it’s a good benefit for the users in the local area as well.’

With Kidner pointing out that TETRA is now the technology of choice for many mission critical users around the world, he says South America is no different.

‘They have a lot of choice as they have the US on their doorstep, so it’s easy for them to choose P-25 and we’d like to make it easy for them to choose TETRA too,’ he says.

‘We try to target all of the markets around the world with our TETRA Moving Forward events,’ he adds. ‘Sometimes there’s local interest to collaborate on an event – Russia is one. A local company there is putting on that event and we are partnering with them if you like. We put a lot of input into the conference and they organise the conference and exhibition.

With China, Kidner explains that the TETRA Association is working with the China Trunking Forum (CTF), a user-driven group which is part of the Chinese Institute of Electronics.

‘Traditionally, we’ve gone to Beijing and put on an event there,’ he says, ‘but we had a discussion with the CTF and it’s probably more important that we now go to some of the other parts of China – hence the three cities we’ve put together. We’ll be running workshops with very small exhibitions on the side there, so it won’t be our traditional Moving Forward event, rather more workshop-based and more local led.’

One of the most important points of the regional events is that it’s important for users to be able to see other users sharing their experiences, so Kidner says the Association works to ensure that local case studies are involved.

‘An end user wouldn’t come to each of these events, only the event in their region,’ he says. ‘So some of the conference programme will be the same wherever in the world you are but we try to tailor the rest to the local area. If you take Buenos Aires as an example, the local police will be attending and presenting and sharing their experiences with the audience.’

Kidner says the biggest events have attracted around 350 people, but he explains: ‘It’s more about attracting the important users and operators to the event so that we can help them to make a considered choice in the future.

‘A lot of these events in these markets are attracting new users who know very little about TETRA,’ he adds. ‘So a lot of what we tell them is education. Most are interested to know where TETRA is going with applications and data and are keen to see that it’s still an evolving technology.’

TETRA Moving Forward events

  • Argentina, Hilton Buenos Aires, 23 September 2010
  • Brazil, Hotel Pestana Rio Atlantica, Rio de Janeiro, 28 September 2010
  • Indonesia, INTERCONTINENTAL Jakarta Mid Plaza, 8 November 2010
  • Thailand, Bangkok, 11 November 2010


TETRA China Roadshow

  • Chengdu 18 October
  • Guangzhou 20 October
  • Hangzhou 22 October

Contact: Nicola.Morrison@tetra-association.com
(Organised by TETRA Association and Chinese Institute of Electronics)

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Preview: The Emergency Services Show 2010

This year’s Emergency Services Show takes place on Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 November at Stoneleigh Park, Coventry. Wireless brings you a preview of the event.

With some 4,000 attendees having descended upon The Emergency Services Show last year, organisers are predicting that this year’s event should eclipse that and be the best yet. 

The event draws together everyone involved in and around the emergency services industry, from manufacturers showcasing new products they are bringing to market, to the emergency services themselves who demonstrate how equipment is actually used in situ.

Given the current economic climate, the two-day show should be particularly useful to organisations wanting to get advice in and around framework agreements, income generation, outsourcing and equipment requirements.

This year, exhibition space has been increased to meet demand, with a new hall allowing for some of the larger displays previously seen outside to be brought under a roof. There will also be a ‘Best of British’ element bringing emergency services from around the UK together to share initiatives and examples of best practice.

2010 will also see a new Search and Rescue (SAR) Zone featuring British Cave Rescue, Lowland Rescue, Maritime Incident Response Group (MIRG), MCA, Mountain Rescue England &Wales, RAF SAR and the RNLI.

Among those exhibiting are Excelerate, Getac, Blazepoint, Durabook, South Midlands Communications, Servicom, Envitia, MiX Telematics – which is planning a high profile launch – and Pinnacle Response, which will be unveiling the very latest Body Worn Video Camera, specifically enhanced for the UK Emergency Services Sector.

To register, visitwww.ess2010.com

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