Product roundup

Wireless brings you a rundown of some notable product launches

Product roundup

Antenova antennas tap into black box market

Antenova’s GPS RADIONOVA RF antenna modules (pictured, left) have been selected by Korean vehicle black box manufactures iTronics, AMON and UB1 for the global markets.

The GPS RADIONOVA range of RF antenna modules come in space saving, low-profile form factors, which include market-leading GPS receiver ICs from CSR/SiRF and u-blox. The M10382 is a surface mount GPS radio antenna module incorporating the u-blox 6 GPS chipset with Antenova’s high-performing GPS antenna, which also utilises the latest Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) technology, in a small 24.2x9.9x3.8mm3 module. The M10372 GPS RADIONOVA is a planar mount GPS radio antenna module incorporating CSR’s market-leading SiRFstarIV GPS chipset with Antenova’s high-performing patented antenna technology in a compact 28x13x5mm3 module.

All GPS RADIONOVA RF antenna M-Modules include all RF front-end and receiver components with Antenova’s GPS antenna, which are optimised to provide high efficiency, robust and reliable performance. Antenova’s GPS antennas are omnidirectional and provide good performance regardless of the device orientation.

TP Radio reveals explosive handset

TP Radio has designed a new hand portable radio, the TP8000EX, which has been specially approved for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. TP Radio believes this makes it ideal for the chemical industries and for oil rigs, airports and fire brigades.

The radio is dust and water proof (IP67) and robust according to MIL810STD. Most importantly, it meets one of the highest Atex classifications: CE0539 ex II 2G EEx ib IIC T6. The TP8000EX is designed for two-way voice and data communication and has a large graphic display that enables SMSes and transmission and reception of data calls and pre-coded messages. Output power 0,2-2W and man-down function is standard.

The available versions are: standard, marine, 135-174MHz, 400-470MHz, alphanumeric keypad, six keys keypad, black and blue.

RFI announces new meander collinear and elevated feed antennas

RFI has released a new UHF Meander collinear antenna in its COL410 series and a broadband UHF elevated feed antenna in its CD990 Series.

The COL410 series has been specifically designed for UHF applications requiring high-performance, strong bandwidth, and exceptional PIM specifications. The patented Meander collinear element design allows multiple half wave elements to be stacked without variations in cable lengths and mechanical joints.

The CD990 series uses a broadband feed choke, providing excellent VSWR and performance over the full 400–520MHz spectrum without the need for tuning. Featuring a ground independent design, it is ideally suited for mounting on both conductive and non-conductive surfaces. The CD990 is ideal for applications requiring broad bandwidth and high-performance, such as the emergency services.

New low tier portable radios from Kenwood

Kenwood has announced the availability of two new portable radios, the TK-2000 VHF FM and the TK-3000 UHF FM.

The radios are small, thin and light and have been designed for hooking onto a belt or slipping into a coat pocket. The radios weigh only 203g even with the Li-Ion battery. They come as standard with antenna, rechargeable battery and battery charger and without the need to buy extra accessories for basic operation.

Procom unveils two new low-profile antennas

Procom has launched two low-profile antennas. Both are 35mm high and are designed to operate within a temperature range of -50° C to +70° C.

The PMA 2.4-TNC is a low-profile antenna for the 2400MHz band for fixed installations. It has approximately 0 dB gain and provides omnidirectional coverage. It requires a ground plane of minimum 10x10cm and comes with a TNC (female) connector for mounting.

The PMA 5.5-TNC is another low-profile antenna designed for fixed installations and can be used in the 5500MHz band. It also has 0 dB gain and is omnidirectional. Like the PMA 2.4-TNC, it features a TNC connector.

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