IWCE preview

The International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) will take place in Las Vegas from 20-23 February

IWCE preview

IWCE is the pre-eminent event for communications technology in the working world, attracting over 6,400 technology buyers from a diverse group of industry professionals from government, public safety, transportation, utilities and other enterprises.

Visitors will see the latest in effective and efficient wireless communications systems, showcasing the hardware, applications, interoperability and integration that attendees need to communicate reliably and dependably anytime, anywhere. IWCE has a conference strand from 20-23 February and an exhibition strand, which is open from 22-23 February. Below are some of the exhibitors.

Cambium Networks
Booth 4132

Cambium Networks is showing the latest public safety backhaul and access technologies to enable video surveillance, leased line replacement and network extensions. Business development director Scott Imhoff will provide insights into efficient spectrum use in Session TH23: Broadband Spectrum Options for Critical Infrastructure Industries on Thursday 23 February.

Booth 3094

Data911 will be celebrating 27 years as an industry leader in designing and manufacturing ruggedised mobile computers, in-car video and mobile centric software specifically for vehicular environments. Latest products include the M7 mobile computer system.

Axell Wireless
Booth 6089

Axell Wireless has introduced its next generation Fibre DAS system supporting both cellular and public safety applications. The Axell OMU II (optical master unit) supports any major cellular or public safety wireless technology – including LTE – operating in any frequency band up to 2600MHz. The OMU II allows systems to be configured with both the new Axell MBF-20 series dual band low-power remotes and the existing MBF-40 series high-power products, thus ensuring optimum coverage for campus-style environments. The MBF-20 can be easily field upgraded to a quad-band device. The system has a fully resilient architecture, optional MIMO capability and is easily configured via a web-based GUI with SNMP support. Most importantly, the system sets a new radical price point for DAS systems, thus making coverage more affordable.

Funk-Electronic Piciorgros
Booth 2096

For almost 30 years, Funk-Electronic Piciorgros GmbH (FEP) has been successful in producing and distributing radio telecontrol, especially radio and radio-modem solutions for data transmissions. FEP manufactures and produces its products in Cologne, Germany. It is currently involved in a pilot project in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and is keen to concentrate on the US – a very important market for mission-critical communication. At IWCE, FEP is keen on spreading the word about TETRA and on meeting new potential clients from all industries.

Booth 6071

Global mobile radio specialist Simoco Group will be launching its full international DMR product suite at IWCE. The company is keen to emphasise the interoperability of its technology and its commitment to interconnectivity policies that will drive open commercial markets by demonstrating its DMR mobile making and receiving calls with equipment from other manufacturers.

Simoco Group CEO Ian Carr said: ‘2012 is set to be a very exciting year for Simoco. DMR is recognised as a major radio standard for the future and we are committed to delivering a suite of products that provides the quality and performance Simoco is known for, together with the interoperability that gives customers greater choice and flexibility in their solutions.

‘We are proud to be the third independent manufacturer to the market with a full end-to-end DMR solution, and with the imminent launch of this digital technology we will be bringing a new wave of open standard, digital solutions to the market.’

DAMM LMR Digital Radio Infrastructure
Booth 2093

DAMM will demonstrate TetraFlex, the most scalable and intelligent IP-based digital TETRA radio infrastructure available. TetraFlex comes with outdoor or indoor base stations, comprehensive features and integrated software such as network management, voice and data recording and full dispatch application.

The 100% intelligent IP-based distributed architecture gives full network flexibility, leaves no single point of failure and enables simple and self configuring site expansions – even during operation. The Windows-based API gives easy access to application development for third party applications. TetraFlex has been developed for full compatibility with all major TETRA terminal brands.

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