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The TETRA community head to Singapore

Congress connection

The congress will welcome more than 2,000 delegates and feature a comprehensive, 15-stream conference programme in addition to an exhibition hosting more than 75 TETRA suppliers.

The conference will offer vital information for all TETRA users and feature more than 100 case studies, interviews, panel discussions and presentations. The case studies will enable delegates to learn how TETRA is being deployed globally to provide critical communications for professionals in public safety, defence, transport, utilities, oil and gas, industry and tourism.

In the transport category, there will be presentations from Istanbul Metro, SNCF, St Petersburg Metro, Manila Light Railway, Singapore Land Transport Authority and SITA Airport IT.

In the energy and industry category, there will be presentations from; Petronas, SASOL, Svyaztranseft, ABB and ArcelorMittal Tubarao.

In the public safety and defence category, there will be presentations from; The Italian Ministry of Defence, the UK’s Metropolitan Police Service, Hong Kong Police and the Danish Airforce.

In the applications and innovation category, there will be presentations from; The Indian Parliament, The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, The Italian Ministry of Justice, TETRA Ireland and the City of Tshwane, South Africa.

Exhibitor highlights

Airwave built and operates the largest TETRA public safety communications service of its kind in the world. More than 300 organisations, comprising more than 250,000 public safety users across the police, fire and emergency medical services along with more than 150 customers with a public services role use the service.

Analysys Mason
Analyst firm Analysys Mason has a track record of successfully delivering to the public sector, including the emergency services, at both national and local/regional levels. The firm has also recently published a study, commissioned by the TETRA Association, which identifies the user trends and future demand placed on broadband applications within the public safety sector. According to one of the study’s authors, Janette Dobson, given the limitations in capacity of existing dedicated network to deliver mobile services, it is likely that a new generation of solutions will be required across Europe in the next five to 10 years. ‘There is increasing demand for access to information on the move,’ she says. ‘Public safety operations are becoming more information driven, requiring access to a broader range of wideband and broadband applications. These include high-quality imaging, uploading and downloading large data files, and
real-time video.’

Artevea Digital
Artevea Digital Limited is a provider of TETRA infrastructure solutions to many countries across the world. Its Advanced Distributed Architecture ToIP Networks, produce flexible and expansive products, which are innovative and commercially attractive for single site users from ports and airports to wide area networks covering cities, rural regions, railways and highways.

DAMM is a provider of flexible, user-friendly and cost-effective TETRA radio communications designed for users, ranging from small to big size industries to large-scale mission critical applications. The company’s TetraFlex Outdoor Base Station is, with its compact size and IP 65 encapsulation, suitable to be mounted directly in the antenna mast or under harsh environmental conditions. TetraFlex comes with a wide range of integrated software tools, such as Network Management, Dispatcher, V+D Management and an advanced API for easy integration to third-party applications.

Creowave provides an extensive range of smart TETRA repeaters to enhance network coverage in challenging environments. With Creowave’s indoor, outdoor, ATEX and hybrid repeaters, TETRA network coverage can be enhanced in various challenging locations from road tunnels to hazardous oil refineries. In addition, Creowave provides consultation, coverage planning and training services.

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