Event previews: BAPCO 2011 and Counter Terror Expo 2011

With just over a year to go until the London 2012 Olympics, this year’s BAPCO Exhibition and Conference and Counter Terror Expo are as important as ever

Event previews: BAPCO 2011 and Counter Terror Expo 2011

BAPCO 2011 brings more than 100 exhibitors to the Business Design Centre on 13-14 April and is backed by a packed conference agenda. The conference will open with a presentation by Sir Ken Knight CBE, Her Majesty’s chief inspector of fire services and chief fire and rescue adviser in England and Wales. Sir Ken will explore the challenges facing emergency services and civil contingency responders when dealing with major incidents.

Sir Ken’s speech will be followed by the first of a series of Olympic-themed presentations, which will be given by Commander Richard Morris of the Metropolitan Police. Morris will discuss planning for the 2012 Games, which will be the largest event ever held in the UK and will fully test the technology, emergency services and civil contingency responders. Morris will give an update on the current state of preparation and discuss some of the challenges still to be met.

His presentation will be followed by one from Kevin Taylor, head of the Olympic Communications Project at the Metropolitan Police. Taylor will detail the radio communications planning for the Olympic and Paralympic Games and examine the process, challenges, approval process, delivery planning and testing required. He’ll also take a look at the final stages of the project and its future, plus the handover to business as usual after the last discus has been thrown.

The emergency communications network will be provided by Airwave, which is also designing and building a private mobile radio service to be used by LOCOG (the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games).

Richard Bobbett, the company’s chief executive, will discuss how that network will support 34 competition venues, 14,700 athletes, 20,000 press and media and more than 10 million ticket sales over a 44-day period. Bobbett will detail the scale of the task, not only in terms of supporting LOCOG but also in ensuring that the organisations that rely on Airwave every day – the police, fire and ambulance services – can continue their operations through exceptional circumstances in London.

The second day of the conference will shift in focus away from Olympic delivery to the equally important business of providing emergency services in a time of reduced public expenditure. Motorola’s Andy McBain will open the session with an exploration of how organisations can respond to the challenging fiscal conditions.

McBain will examine how, in the new financial context, uncertainty over lifetime costs of equipment may hinder mobile data device programmes that have been deployed by many forces.

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority’s Kieran Timmins will follow McBain and deliver a presentation on how to deliver enhanced communication at reduced cost through the use of technology.

Products at BAPCO

RFI CD2195—High Gain Multi-band Mobile Antenna
The CD2195 offers multi-band performance for the most demanding of voice and data requirements. With high gain and consistent performance across 3G850, GSM900/1800, PCS1900 and 3G2100, the CD2195 is ideal for use in fringe areas and rural applications. These antennae use two unique PCB radiators – meander circuits that are coupled together to deliver consistency in gain and pattern. This latest design offers coverage across multiple networks – making them suited to the latest requirements where network operators can switch calls between bands.

Procom MU 901/1801-LX-SP Dual-Frequency Mobile Antenna
The MU 901/1801-LX-SP Mobile Antenna is designed for the 900MHz and 1800MHz Bands. Covering both EGSM/NMT-900 and DCS-1800/PCN for direct use with an EGSM/DCS-1800/PCN mobile phone – single or dual-band – or an EGSM and a DCS-1800/PCN mobile phone requiring diplexer type DIPX 1000/1550. The antenna features a stainless steel LX-mount, making it suitable for roof-mounting, and is provided with FME-connection supplied without cable. Installation can be completed with access from the outside only, requiring an 18mm diameter hole.

Counter Terror Expo 2011

Counter Terror Expo 2011, to be held on 19-20 April at Olympia, London, comes at a time of dramatic changes in the political landscape in the Middle East, but homeland security remains just as important, especially with the high-profile Olympic Games coming to the UK in 2012.

Counter Terrorism Expo will bring together 400 suppliers of products and services for the counter terrorism and specialist security arena, along with more than 120 international speakers. There will be five conference streams at the event: Designing out terrorism; Protecting crowded places; ‘Global counter terrorism; Critical national infrastructure; Emergency services and Cyber security and Electronic terrorism.

Among the conference highlights will be a presentation from Dr Dave Sloggett from the Department of War Studies at King’s College London’s Centre for Defence Studies. Dr Sloggett will chair the session on Achieving Homeland Security in the Face of Terrorism.

Other speakers in the session will include Microsoft UK’s Edward Gibson, a director of PriceWaterhouseCoopers Global, a former FBI agent at the US embassy in London and a past cyber security adviser. Gibson will explore how to secure cyberspace in an era of global connectivity and explain the need for a rigourous approach to the security challenges of the internet.

His lecture will be followed by a presentation exploring the security legacy of the 2012 Olympics from Ian Quinton, head of security, architecture and design at the Olympic Security Directorate. Quinton will examine the collaborative working required between the Government, the public sector and private industry and look at the security features and lessons for other events.

A non-UK view will be provided by chief superintendent Serge Therriault of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who will detail the activity of Project Samossa, aimed at foiling violent terrorism attacks. Therriault will provide an overview of terrorist activity in Canada and examine the implications for police of radicalisation to violence.

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